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  1. Ilona

    I’ve been seeing Fiona ever since when she asked me to be a “guinea pig” when she started her first aroma therapy training. I have had massages beforehand so I knew straight away that Fiona has a natural gift. Already in her training phase did she manage to find the sore spots and areas that needed special care. Over the years she has constantly trained for new therapies and has gone from strength to strength. I can say that over the years I have probably tried out most of her various treatments. For me travelling the 30 minutes to see her is like going on a short holiday break. I always come back revitalised and relaxed. As an athlete I would often have sore spots and niggles but Fiona just manages to melt those away. Her excellent cosmetic products are equally personalised and not the standard off the shelf products. I can highly recommend every treatment and product of Fiona’s Therapies.

    1. fiona

      Aw Ilona, I don’t quite know what to say. Thank you for your kind comments, I will try to keep such a high standard of treatments :) No pressure!!!!!!!!!

  2. Angela

    I had a Dorn method treatment last week, it was the most amazing experience ever! I suffer from chronic pain, but after just one treatment I find myself able to achieve an incredible range of movement. I have been pain free for three days, thank you so much Fiona!

    1. fiona

      Thank you so much Angela, I hope your still feeling great and pain free!!! I hope the gardening is going well too!


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