Pregnancy & Baby Massage

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage: Are you starting to feel the stress and strain of pregnancy symptoms?  During pregnancy, massage can safely and comfortably relieve stress (emotional & physical), improve circulation, relieve heartburn, and symptoms of sciatica and edema. The optional use of Hot Stones in this treatment allows deeper relaxation of the muscles, without added pressure. Custom blended pregnancy oil is used after a consultation with our principal therapist. (Full Body 2 hour treatment)

During the six weeks after delivery massage can help relieve the aches and pains of muscle soreness, help fight off fatigue, and promote rapid healing. Fiona is certified in Pregnancy Massage so you can be assured that you are receiving the best and most up to date care available.

We also offer a one hour treatment session concentrating on specific problematic areas e.g. legs, upper back, lower back, etc. If you would like to know more on how Prenatal or Postnatal Pregnancy Massage can benefit you or to make an appointment please contact Fiona on 0872337282 or use our contact form.

Baby/Infant Massage: Baby/Infant Massage is a lovely way to relax with your baby/infant. Massage can help with colic, teething, constipation, sleep, and also contributes to development. Classes are run throughout the year, so make sure you check our upcoming events page for the dates of out next classes.

Classes are 6 weeks in duration and are an ideal way to meet other parents/guardians/grandparents. Fiona is a qualified Infant Massage Tutor with the Liddlekidz© Foundation and also a qualified Pediatric and Special Needs Massage Therapist.